Rolf Schlagloth (right hand) at the 2016 Moritzburg Festival

The Moritzburg Festival is mourning for the loss of Mr. Rolf Schlagloth, the longtime chairman of our association.

With his fine sense of art and culture, Mr. Schlagloth has supported the festival in a variety of ways. The positive development of the members of our Circle of Friends was just as important to him as the acquisition of new funding by foundations and other institutions. He has made a decisive contribution to putting the Moritzburg Festival on a sound financial footing over the long term. We sincerely thank him for his selfless and dedicated work for the sake of culture in Saxony.

Last year, Mr Schlagloth resigned for health reasons. On February 27, 2018, at the age of only 54, he succumbed to his long, severe illness, which he endured with such patience and optimism for recovery.

We have lost a good friend and active sponsor and will certainly honor his work. Our great sympathy and compassion goes to his wife Anett Friese-Schlagloth and his family.